Araslan Yuna

“A Russian beauty with a beautiful character.”

Araslan Yuna

Born: 24-10-2020
Colour: Black Silver Tabby Blotched (ns 22)

Yuna’s litters

Yuna is mama of the following litters…


Yuna is a beautiful Maine Coon cat, in the broadest sense of the word. Not only is she very pretty, but she also has a wonderful character.

Yuna came to us after a long journey from distant Russia. One would expect that a kitten would need to relax a bit and need some time to settle down. We had therefore arranged a cozy room for her, where she could recover.

Recover? Tsss… from what? Yuna, selfconfident as she is, immediately decided to investigate and try all new things out right away. She climbed on top of everything (we followed her like a safety net), played with the toys present as if they had always been hers, and clearly felt completely at home and at ease.

The moment Yuna laid down next to us, less than an hour after arriving, she developed her magical talent – with an endearing “mrra” she completely captivated us. What a great cat.

Nucha Black King
Yuna’s Mama
Nusha Black King
Ascent Faust
Yuna’s Papa
Ascent Faust

Magical Yuna

“An enchanting silver beauty.”

Besides fantasy and stories, we also love games. In the game “Final Fantasy X”, Yuna is a brave Summoner who can use healing magic. She learns the mystical art of summoning mighty magical entities called eons – powerful spirits of yore.

In the game, Yuna decides to undertake the Summoner’s Pilgrimage to become a High Summoner herself. She wants to defeat Sin, a monstrous creature who is terrorizing the world of Spira.

Our Yuna does not call forth entities. She doesn’t have to. We are fully at her service, enchanted by her magical beauty and Russian charm.

High Summoner Yuna

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“Araslan Yuna”

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