Sugarcoons Valeria

“A cheerful, playful cat who loves to be near you.”

Sugarcoons Valeria

Born: 20-06-2020
Colour: Blue Torbie Mackerel with white (g 09 23)
– Neutered –


Valeria is a sociable, happy Maine Coon cat who loves to cuddle. And she loves food, that too. If there is something to be eat, Valeria is first in line.

Besides eating, Valeria loves to play… ball, cap, wad, everything is fun. She even fetches her favorite little ball, a soft fluffy thing. She proudly comes to you, to drop and present it meaningfully. With her beautiful, almond-shaped eyes, she looks at you, ready to chase the ball under the guidance of a “prrr” as soon as you throw it.

Valeria lives up to her name. She is a tough little pirate, but with a big heart. She loves to be close to you. Going to the bathroom or toilet without her is a big no-no for Valeria. She will loudly object in case the door is closed.

Valeria loves to be stroked and cuddled. As soon as she feels your hand, she pushes against it. When you say something to her, she spontaneously starts purring. And not softly, but rather like a small, roaring engine.

Sugarcoons Pippa
Valeria’s Mama
Sugarcoons Pippa
Ferrari Angel in the Sky
Valeria’s Papa
Ferrari Angel in the Sky

Pirate Valeria

“The little crook in the house.”

We love fantasy and stories. The name Valeria comes from the stories about “Conan the Barbarian”. Valeria is a female pirate of “the Red Brotherhood” and a real adventurer. In the series, Valeria is obviously not as strong as Conan, but her skills and speed make her an excellent swordsman. She has a quirky and tough character, just like our own Valeria.

Valeria lives up to her pirate name as a little crook in the house. She is playful, cheerful and very quick. A combination that always comes in handy for a little pirate lady.

piraat valeria

Valeria of the Red Brotherhood

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“Sugarcoons Valeria”

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