Kratos Kindly Tiger

“A beautiful male, with a heart of gold.”


Born: 20-11-22
Colour: Red Tabby Macharel (d 23)


Kratos (actually Koko) is a charming, soft fur ball. Cuddling is a favorite pastime for Kratos. As a big red male cat, he lives up to his “name” in that respect…. he is just a sweet teddy bear.

Kratos comes from Latvia and is the addition to our cattery that we have been waiting for so long. A breeding male of our own was a deeply cherished wish and Kratos makes it all come true. What a lovely boy! Well, boy… at 7 months, Kratos is already bigger than all the adult females and his hind paws are bigger than my outstretched hand. We are curious to see how big this boy is going to get…. although size – keeping in mind the health of the breed – is not a specific goal we breed for. Health comes before everything else.

Meanwhile, the ladies have all accepted Kratos as “cattery king,” which with this young man’s charms was to be expected no different. As soon as Kratos has passed all the tests (for example HD cannot be checked before 12 months of age), he will be king of the world in our cattery.

Kratos’ Mama
MillaCoon Ivetta
Kratos’ Papa
Iventus Alaster

Divine Kratos

“The personification of strength as well as softness.”

In Greek mythology, Kratos is son of the titan Pallas and the goddess Styx. Kratos and his kinsmen are all companions of the mighty Zeus.

However, Kratos is also known as the main character in the game “God of War.” In the game, the goddess Athena eventually makes this Spartan warrior the “God of War.” On this, Kratos rules with an iron hand and leaves a trail of destruction…

Well. The only destruction our Kratos leaves behind is, at most, a hurt ego when this pretty boy decides that someone else is nicer to cuddle with.


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“Kratos Kindly Tiger”

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