Iljoeska's Cirilla

“A delightful kitty, fond of tickles and cuddles.”

Iljoeska’s Cirilla

Born: 10-11-2021
Colour: Black Smoke Bicolour (ns 03)

Cirilla’s litters

Cirilla is mama of the following litters…


Cirilla, or Ciri, is a very sweet, affectionate cat. She follows you closely through the house and if she loses you, for example after taking a nap, she will call you until you answer. But make no mistake – affectionate does not mean dependent or “soft”. Because, what a character this cat has! Cirilla gives the word “Majestic” a whole new dimension….

Cirilla is in fact the little princess in the house. With a lot of natural charm she always knows how to seduce you to stop what you are doing, to cuddle, hug and pet her. A loud satisfied purring is the result. What it really comes down to is that Ciri wraps you around her little finger, as befits a proper princess.

Cirilla is just so soft and so sweet that we all have only one wish: to make our little Highness happy.

Cirilla’s Mama
Kikiolacats Santa Rosa
Cirilla’s Papa
Diamond Star Viking Vince

Princess Cirilla

“A lion cub with a heart of gold.”

Princess Cirilla, fully Cirilla Fiona Ellen Riannon, is the “Lion cub of Cintra” and known from the books of The Witcher, by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Cirilla, also called Ciri, is the princess of Cintra and the daughter of Princess Pavetta and Duny, as well as the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe. However, she is also the “daughter” of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, due to the “Law of Surprise”.

Our Cirilla also came into our lives thanks to the surprising twists of fate. And every day again we are grateful for that, because Ciri just makes us happy.

Princess Cirilla

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