“Majestic Maine C-litter”

A beautiful litter

Six little miracles

On Friday afternoon March 17th 2023, Cirilla gave birth to her first kitten at around 1.30 pm. It wasn’t so easy at first, because this kitten – Cirilla’s very first – was also in a breech position.

Cirilla looked somewhat bewildered at that wriggling tail sticking out of her “down there” and for a moment had the urge to pull it. I didn’t think that was a good idea though….

The trust she has in me is touching. With her beautiful green-gold eyes, she looks at me attentively and with an open gaze. Another contraction pulls her body together, I speak to her encouragingly, and with a fierce cry Cirilla manages to push out her first kitten.

She seems slightly startled for a moment, but soon her maternal instincts take over and she starts licking the kitten clean. I breathe a sigh of relief, because honestly… it’s always an exciting moment.

Within a span of about four hours, 6 kittens finally come into the world at a brisk pace. Cirilla is doing great, I am very proud of her.

Once again, I am stunned by how small and fragile kittens are at birth. They weigh only between 108 and 117 grams and fit in one hand, but the little ones are all energetic and know what they are looking for. They are squawking and squealings profusely, while Cirilla looks on in amazement and lets it al just happen.

Several days later, mother and offspring are still doing great. Cirilla purrs contentedly and cares for her kitten with lots of attention and love. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole bunch and am very grateful.

Mama C-litter
Iljoeska’s Cirilla
Papa C-litter
HoneyDevil KidRock

Majestic Maine Kitten

“When a kitten is moving in…”

We love our little Maine Coons and we only want the very best for them. We expect from future owners that their Majestic Maine:

  • Will be an integrated member of the household.
  • Gets the necessary inclination, is in pleasant company and is not just left alone.
  • Gets high-quality food, adapted to age. We advise Royal Canin “Maine Coon” Kitten and Adult.
  • Will be lovingly cared for, with a sense for well-being and hygiene.
  • Gets responsible medical attention when needed.

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An introduction...

“C-litter 2023”
~ All kittens are reserved ~

Black Bicolour (n03)
Blacksmoke Bicolour (ns03)
“Chill Apollo”
Blacksmoke Bicolour (ns03)
Black Bicolour (n03)
Black Silver Tabby Ticked
with White (ns25 09)
Black Silver Tabby Blotched
with White (ns22 09)
“Cleo de Nile”

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