Majestic Maine Kittens

“Little Majestic Maine Coons”

Litter planning 2023 Yuna

On 27 February 2023, Yuna had her second litter.
See the page of our B-litter here.

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Litter planning 2023 Cirilla

On March 17th 2023, Cirilla had her first litter.
See the page of ou C-litter here.

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Waiting List

There is a lot of demand for Maine Coon kittens and therefor we work with a waiting list. It is not possible for us to answer all emails personally. Registering for the waiting list (newsletter) is therefore the best way to qualify for a kitten.

When kittens become available, this will be explicitly indicated in the newsletter. Only from that moment on it is possible to email us personally, if you are interested in a kitten from that specific litter. We will then schedule an appointment to get to know each other.

Since nature cannot be forced and because it depends on how many kittens will be born per litter, the waiting time for a kitten can vary from a few months to more than a year.


Majestic Maine Kitten

“When a kitten is moving in…”

We love our little Maine Coons and we only want the very best for them. We expect from future owners that their Majestic Maine:

  • Will be an integrated member of the household.
  • Gets the necessary inclination, is in pleasant company and is not just left alone.
  • Gets high-quality food, adapted to age. We advise Royal Canin “Maine Coon” Kitten and Adult.
  • Will be lovingly cared for, with a sense for well-being and hygiene.
  • Gets responsible medical attention when needed.

Reserve a kitten

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When there is a connection…

From the age of 7 weeks our kittens are allowed to have visitors, by appointment. When a kitten in particular is liked and when the click is mutual, the little Majestic Maine can be reserved. We ask for a deposit of € 495, after which the kitten is no longer promised to anyone else.

When our kittens are about 3 months old they can move to their new homes. They have been dewormed several times and vaccinated twice. Our Maine Coons are well socialized and raised in the house, along with our other cats.

It goes without saying that all our little Coons are microchipped and in possession of an EU pet passport, with a health certificate from the vet.


Our Maine Coons are only handed over after signing a contract. The pedigree will be sent as soon as the female or male is neutered.

We strongly advice to have your Maine Coon neutered at the age of 6 months.

In the uncastrated female, diseases of the reproductive organs, such as ovarian cysts, uterine inflammation and mammary gland tumors, are relatively common. Research has shown that mammary gland tumors in the cat are more than 90% malignant. Neutering at a young age protects the female from these health risks.

In a male cat, spraying is largely linked to sexual activity. Neutering will in most cases reduce this typical male behavior and also reduce the strong odor of the urine. As their desire to mate decreases, so does a male’s fighting spirit, which will bring more peace and quiet in the house.


The purchase price of a Majestic Maine for pet owners is from €995.
Different prices and conditions apply to breeders.

Breeding, including having a single litter, is not allowed without a breeder’s agreement.


Contact us

“Feel free to ask a question!”

Do you have a question about our cattery? Would you like to know more about the Maine Coon? Or do you want to know more about a litter?

Feel free to contact us:
+31 6 827 59 527

Marloes van Deursen
Olmenhof 40
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