“Majestic Maine B-litter”

Drinking at the milkbar

Nature cannot be dictated

On Monday evening February 27th 2023 – neatly “on schedule” – Yuna gave birth to her first kitten at around 7.30pm. A beautiful, dark tortie kitten. What a beautiful girl!

Yuna immediately carefully assumed her duties as a mother, while the kitten blindly sought her mum’s warmth and nipple. What a miracle it is, birth. It is a privilege every time to witness it.

The second kitten arrived about half an hour later, also a female, and everything seemed to go smoothly. However, the third kitten took longer to arrive and even though Yuna was calm and relaxed, I felt a bit worried…

During a long and intense night, Yuna eventually gave birth to 6 kittens, two of which unfortunately came into the world lifeless. Very sad, but such a thing can happen. A kitten weighs between 100 and 120 grams at birth… they are so small and so vulnerable.

The four remaining kittens were lovingly cared for by Yuna. Still, there was one little one that worried me. A worry that unfortunately came true on Wednesday 1 March.

Nature cannot be dictated. In the space of just 9 weeks, a complete kitten is formed in the womb of the female cat. Despite all good care and attention, there are no guarantees. So from that point of view, we are grateful, because Yuna is now the proud mum of three beautiful, dark tortie kittens.

Mama B-litter
Araslan Yuna
Papa B-litter
HighFiveStars Troy

Majestic Maine Kitten

“When a kitten is moving in…”

We love our little Maine Coons and we only want the very best for them. We expect from future owners that their Majestic Maine:

  • Will be an integrated member of the household.
  • Gets the necessary inclination, is in pleasant company and is not just left alone.
  • Gets high-quality food, adapted to age. We advise Royal Canin “Maine Coon” Kitten and Adult.
  • Will be lovingly cared for, with a sense for well-being and hygiene.
  • Gets responsible medical attention when needed.

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An introduction...

“B-litter 2023”
~ All kittens are reserved ~

Black Silver Torbie Blotched (fs 22)
“Blessed Yue”
Black Silver Torbie Blotched (fs 22)
“Beau Galore”
Black Torbie Blotched (f 22)

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