Iljoeska's Azula

“A balanced, sociable and very sweet cat .”

Iljoeska’s Azula

Born: 29-01-2020
Colour: Black Silver Tabby Blotched (ns 22)
– Neutered –


Azula is a well-balanced, majestic Maine Coon female with a calm character. She is playful, curious and very sweet. Azula likes to stay informed of what is going on in the house and is therefore always interested to look at what you are doing. She usually wants to get in the way without being asked …

Azula likes to socialize and prefers to be close to or next to you. She moves silently and before you know it she’s already quietly curled up between your feet. Even when you’re brushing your teeth.

Azula’s fur is incredibly soft. In combination with the sound of her deeply satisfied purrs, petting Azula almost becomes a “zen experience”. Mind you, if you stop petting too soon, she will gently pat you with her large Maine Coon paw to encourage you to keep going.

Besides playing and keeping an eye on everything, Azula likes to sleep. In the most impossible positions, in all kinds of places, but always with full dedication. When she wants to check where everyone is again, she just starts a conversation. She knows we will always answer and before you know it you are in a cat dialogue.

Kikiola Cats Casanova
Azula’s Papa
Kikiola Cats Casanova

Princess Azula

“Her own personality.”

We love fantasy. The name Azula comes from the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” . In the series, Azula is a princess of the Fire Nation and can control the elements of fire and lightning. She is a strong personality, just like our own Azula.

However, this is where the comparison between the two ladies ends, because where Princess Azula has a pretty “catty” character in the series, our own Azula is very sweet. We thought the name was very beautiful, hence the choice to also call our own princess Azula.


Princess Azula

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“Iljoeska’s Azula”

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