“Majestic Maine A-litter”

Mama Yuna

A beautiful litter

Finally the time had come, we were expecting our first litter of Maine Coon kittens. As of Friday May 13, 2022 I was ready for it, although Yuna took all the time she needed…

Yuna enjoyed the sunshine, scurried around with her big belly and just ate a lot. Every now and then the potential nesting spots were inspected, but none of them seemed to have a preference. Not the large cardboard box in the bedroom, not the bed in the linen closet, and not the large travel basket in the office. Yes, under my bed, that seemed to be an interesting place, but if it were up to me we would not have kittens there…

Friday passed by quietly and also on Saturday nothing exciting seemed to be on the agenda. Just to be sure I had set my alarm clock every 3 hours during the night, but Yuna usually slept like a log or at the most looked at me questioningly when I came to take a look at her.

Sunday morning, however, I could swear I saw a slight contraction of Yuna’s belly. She also seemed to be breathing more shallowly. Was it finally going to happen?

Yuna became a bit restless and visited again the possible nesting places. I did notice that she followed me closely; she clearly did not want to be alone. When I wanted to go downstairs “just quickly”, she came right behind me. Once downstairs she immediately disappeared behind the curtain in the living room. Suddenly everything went very fast. Two powerful contractions and voila….

The first kitten was born just before noon. We quickly made a place behind the curtain with cloths, while Yuna instinctively did everything she had to do and took excellent care of her kitten. Not much later, the second kitten arrived….

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, Yuna gave birth to her first litter of beautiful kittens!

Mama A-litter
Araslan Yuna
Papa A-litter
AnversCoon Mystic Merlin

Majestic Maine Kitten

“When a kitten is moving in…”

We love our little Maine Coons and we only want the very best for them. We expect from future owners that their Majestic Maine:

  • Will be an integrated member of the household.
  • Gets the necessary inclination, is in pleasant company and is not just left alone.
  • Gets high-quality food, adapted to age. We advise Royal Canin “Maine Coon” Kitten and Adult.
  • Will be lovingly cared for, with a sense for well-being and hygiene.
  • Gets responsible medical attention when needed.

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An introduction...

“A-litter 2022”
~ All kittens are reserved ~

Black silver tabby ticked (ns 25)
“Amazing Aila”
Black silver tabby ticked (ns 25)
Black tabby ticked (n 25)
Black silver tabby blotched (ns 22)
Black tabby ticked (n 25)
“Awesome Gizmo”

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