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“A home without a Maine Coon is just a house.”

Responsible breeding is of paramount importance.

The Maine Coon is a natural breed. This means that this beautiful breed originated without (deliberate) interference from humans. As a reputable breeder, our goal is to maintain the natural standard of this breed.

We strive to breed healthy, powerful Maine Coons with a sweet and balanced character. We only breed with females and males that have been tested and found negative for FIV and FELV, HCM-1, SMA and PL. In addition, we find it very important to contribute to maintaining healthy hips within the breed and we therefore always x-ray our breeding animals for HD.

Healthy genes are a prerequisite for strong, healthy Maine Coons, but care and socialisation are also important. We give our kittens, with dedication and joy, the loving environment that is needed to let their characters blossom. Our Maine Coons grow up in a warm, homely atmosphere and are part of our family. We expect the same from future owners.

Kitten planning

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Araslan Yuna

Born: 24-10-2020
Colour: Black Silver Tabby Blotched (ns 22)

Yuna is a Russian beauty with a sweet character. She also has magical qualities. Not only is she enchanting as an appearance, she also has the talent to become “liquid”. When you lift Yuna, she becomes completely supple, soft and elongated. Totaly relaxed she surrenders to you and you can put her like a fur over your shoulders, so to speak. In the meantime, she washes a paw.


A litter of Maine Coon kittens…

As a cattery, we have set ourselves the goal of breeding worthy, healthy Maine Coons. Yuna comes from an interesting combination of mainly Russian and German bloodlines and is tested by a specialist for hereditary defects and other disorders. Yuna had her first litter in mai 2022.

Majestic Maine "Araslan Yuna"


Born: 24-10-2020
Colour: Black Silver Tabby Blotched (ns 22)

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